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This is a quick follow up to an earlier question. What is the minimum curve you can run an MTH Premier Subway on? O-27, O-31, O-36, O-42?

In their catalog it says O-42 but, it has been suggested that it could run on O-36 but, MTH doesn't sell an O-36 so they list the minimum curve that they sell that the train can run on, that being O-42.

Has anyone tried it out?


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I think 0-27, 031, 036 curved track is too tight a radius for a 15" long MTH Premier "0"scale model of a 60 foot long subway car, especially if the more realistic looking short couplers are installed between cars. An outside diameter of 42 inches in "0" scale is equivalent to 168 feet (less than typical 200 feet city block distance between streets).

While a 13" long MTH Railking "0" scale model of a 51 foot Subway car in a train of R-12, R-17, R-21, R-26, R-36 or R-62 IRT Subway cars with the longer couplers could negotiate 0-31 diameter curved track, it would appear like a prototypical model of the South Ferry Loop with large overhangs and wide gaps between the platform and center doors (which had to be locked closed).

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