The engine has been sitting on a side track for awhile. Today I tried to get it start in DCS mode and the remote says "not on the Track". So I do a factory rest and no response. Then I try a reset in transformer mode with no luck. Using the transformer at about 9 volts, it lights up, smokes, and makes sounds, but won't move, evidently locked in neutral. Any thoughts, as it had been working fine. 


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Put it on a test track by itself with no DCS.  Turn on power to 10-12V.  Does it start up and have control with conventional whistle and bell?  Do a conventional reset and listen for confirming 2 toots.  Then try conventionally. If works, move back to DCS on test track alone againg.  Delete engine from remote.  Try to add it after applying power.  If it starts up before using remote, make sure DCS/DCC switch in DCS if it has one.  If it is not seeing DCS, and DCS works with other engines, your engine has some issue.  G

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