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I have a Diner/sleeper set of Santa Fe Aluminum passenger cars.  They both apparently have sound as they both have a volume control stem on the undercarriage. They appear to be Premier. The Diner is named "Awatobi" and the Sleeper is named "Pine Leaf". I know they are MTH; but I do not know any more about them. They were given to me several years ago and I cannot find the boxes. I would like to know their numbers and anything else I can find out. If I had the numbers, I might be able to look them up on the MTH site.  Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Yes, you are right....partially.  Those are the correct cars with the right MTH Number.  However, my cars both have a potentiometers (volume controls) underneath.  See additional photo.  I have not tested them for sound.  I have not removed the frame.  I did look through the end door window with a flashlight shining through the other end.  I could see the "pot" and what appears to be a small circuit board.  But, it is admittedly hard to see.

Anyway, thank you for the information.  You were right to send the second link to the better photos.  Now, does anyone know if it is a sound addition and is it factory installed or after market?  Does that change the number of the cars?  I really appreciate the help and the quick responses.IMG_4759


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Looks like an add-on dimmer for the lights. We’ll all keep guessing, but you’re probably going to have to open them up to get the answer. I don’t think it’s factory installed.  They are almost 30 years old, so they definitely could’ve passed through the hands of several owners, one of which could’ve customized them. I also don’t think one would add sound to two cars, but you might dim them both. Put them on the track and test the light intensity at different knob settings (use constant voltage).

Thank you all very much!  It turns out that it is not sound.  It is for a lighting adjustment and it works well on both cars.  Now that mystery is over.  Somewhere I have a Lionel ATSF Diner with Station Sounds packed away anyhow.  

One more thing I noticed; which is why I rejected the first link to the MTH sight,  I have the El Capitan Premier set and all the cars have red stripes.  But, these two cars, are "plated" and have no red stripes at all.  I can't find them anywhere on line.  I did find, while searching before I joined the forum, an MTH Union Pacific set which is the same except for the name.  Because of the age of these cars, there isn't much out there on them.  But you guys have been very helpful.  I am glad I joined the forum.  I have been subscribing to O-Gauge Rail-Roading for a very long time; but never thought to join in.  It was a vendor on eBay that had the UP set and I wrote him about my cars and he suggested to join the forum.  A great idea.

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