MTH Standard Gauge Realtrax

I swapped out my tubular track for it (I know it's technically still tubular track) a while ago and I've been pretty happy with it. The track gets assembled & disassembled numerous times throughout the year and I've yet to encounter a dead spot. It's a lot sturdier than the original style track as well and tends to be much more stable when set up on the floor . Unfortunately it's not directly compatible with switches & the like, you'll either have to cut an end off and attach pins or buy the overpriced conversion pieces.

If you can't buy it... restore it. If you can't restore it... make it. If you can't make it...dangit...

We use it at TCA & TTOS meets so it's set up and taken down twice a month for the past 3-4 years. It has to be assembled correctly or the contacts will get bent. That's one of the problems using it in a club situation. People wanting to help, but not knowing the correct way causing the bent contacts, but only one have we not been able to fix it with needle nose pliers.


Steve "Papa" Eastman

Yorba Linda, CA

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One of the charms of tinplate trains is the all metal construction, including the track.  Plastic roadbed track works well for floor layouts, but visually, traditional track enhances the look of any layout.  Even Gargraves, with it's wooden ties, can't match the look of black oxide coated metal ties and tinplated rails.  Also, traditional track is available in wider curves and is more easily modified.  Admittedly, the "11-series" Lionel Corporation track imported from China by MTH is junk, but the old "10-series" MTH track manufactured by EBR in New Jersey and our "USA Track" made in Pennsylvania will give years of service.

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