Have been using the WIU for a while, no problems until I sent in for repair because of the female power plugin broke off inside the unit.  Fixed and back from repair. Now will not set up to receive WiFi signals.  I am afraid it is out of commission.  No Wifi signal, no unit. Yes following instructions, but without any wifi light indicator light on nothing is working.  

Steve Hill

Resetting the WIU may work.        page 48 of Barry's The DCS WIFI Companion

"Resetting the WiFi Interface Unit
If it becomes necessary at any time to reset the WIU to its initial factory settings, such as to de-install and reinstall the WIU to move it to another layout or before giving it to someone else, the process to reset the device is straightforward:
• Power-on the WiFi Interface Unit normally and wait a minute or two for its PWR, Wi-Fi and TIU
LEDs to light
• Press the Reset button on the WiFi Interface Unit for a full 10 seconds
• Disconnect the WiFi Interface Unit from the TIU
• Unplug the WiFi Interface Unit’s power supply from its AC outlet.
The WiFi Interface Unit has now been reset to the exact condition that it was in when it came from the factory."

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