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Thanks guys.

We were going to go out to North Platte tomorrow, and stay through Wednesday, but that went out the window when we found out that I can't get dialysis out there unless I pay out of pocket. Think Lionel Big Boy for cost. So we are gong to have to make a decision this fall, take Medicare and be able to travel, or stay private and stay close to home. Tough choice! 

We are still heading out tonight, but only going to Omaha, cause we have to be home for Monday. We are staying right across the street from the Big Boy. Maybe they will have it lit up, and we can get some night pics.

Matt & Steve - You're welcome. You guys out east have such a rich railroad history. Get west of the Mississippi, and things thin out quite a bit. This has been a lot of fun to chase and hang out with this magnificent engine. If you really want to see it in person, start thinking about getting to St Louis when they announce the next tour. I figure they have at least two more to do. One to the southeast part of the system and one to the west coast, as they have an IOU to repay with the members of the museum who sold the 4014 back to them.

Mark - Thanks, it has been fun. The $500 we spent to attend the museum gala in Duluth a couple weeks ago was well worth it. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. There was a little thought put into the decision  to go, but within about 90 minutes I pulled the trigger, with the rationale that you only live once. Beside, it gave the weekend purpose, since we had just seen it in St Paul. We even had two nights free hotel in a sold out city. Back to work on the layout next week, so we have a real August update! 

Mike - I think you are going to get a chance to see it near you. UP serves Washington. I expect it to go along the entire coast. This is just speculation, but they are doing this for PR, and I expect it to cover all the major points in the system. They went to Duluth, didn't they? That was more of a stretch than Seattle would be. Yes, I'm watching every step I take, I really don't want to go through any of that again. Glad you're working on that thing. Take your time. 

Elliot, I hope all is well!

The reason I stopped by here to comment is I was searching the internet for the dimensions the Lionel 3656 stockyard.  You had answered the question on one of the other forums all the way back in 2004...16 years ago!  Your knowledge not only helps those in the moment, continues to help countless people into the future.  Anyway, it got me wondering what you've been up to.  

I hesitate to write this as I do not want to encroach...I know you said it has been difficult to work on the layout and type up all of these monthly reports that keep us all up to date.  I know a lot of us enjoy seeing your layout, seeing all of the projects you work on, and your railfanning adventures.  Just a thought for you...if typing is too frustrating, perhaps a posting a video update with your phone might be an easier way to stay connected than managing a keyboard. 

My sister was on dyalisis for almost 10 years before getting a transplant that worked.  I understand the struggle and the time spent hooked on the machine, making everything more difficult and the feeling of isolation that can creep in.  You have a great community here supporting you and I think it's good thing for the mind, body, and spirit to stay connected in these positive environs if you are able.  Apologies for the intrusion, but sincerely hope you are doing well.

My uncle had very similar issues to Elliott, it's a tough road even with the best of dispositions.  I certainly pray the best for him and regardless of what happens this RR journey he has shared with all of us has been a fantastic ride!  

I do see it shows he last visited in June this year.  If anyone knows how he's doing and can share that would be awesome, but I certainly respect one's privacy as well.

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