I thought I would share my train travels from the last 18 months. During this time, I have had the chance to see a lot of steam engines, many of which our running.  Why 18 months, because that marks the beginning of my trip to Colorado.  We left Georgia in late June for a great trip. 

Our first big stop was in Oklahoma City, were we say the very nice ATSF 2-8-0 at the Oklahoma Railway Museum. Then we headed to the Oklahoma City memorial. 



The next engine was the ATSF 2-10-4 in Amarillo, TX, after which we visit the Palo Duro canyon which offered some amazing views. 



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Our next stop on the trip was a ride on the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad. We took the bus from Antonito to Chama and then road the train back to Antonito.  I never thought of my self as a narrow gauge fan before this trip, but the experience on the C&T was amazing.



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 I never thought of my self as a narrow gauge fan before this trip, but the experience on the C&T was amazing.


I came away with the same feeling after I rode the C&TS back in the 70's.  I read in one of my books: "Once narrow gauge gets in the blood, it will not out."

The author was right.


The next day we chased the train from Chama and then went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  A really busy day, but chasing the train was not very hard given its slow speed and there were a number of easy spots for photos.  Before chasing, I had some time to walk around the yard. IMG_0786IMG_0814IMG_0831


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After leaving Alamosa, we traveled to Puelblo and spent the night. The next day we went to Canon City to visit the gorge. This meant three more locomotives, a ATSF 4-8-4 in Pueblo and D&RGW 2-8-2 and a Westside Lumber Shay in Canon City. 



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Steam is steam, no matter what the gauge!  I love steam just as much as I love diesels, no matter what the gauge!  




2 Rails?  3 Rails?  Doesn't matter, I can't count that high in either case.

I love the smell of fresh-brewed creosote first thing in the morning.

If the government knew how much fun O-gauge railroading was, they'd outlaw it!

Common sense is my second best trait.  Nonsense is my first, of course. 

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