Kirk Lindvig of USA Track was my real-time coach, hardware purveyor, cheer-leader and track scholar who made my very first layout debut happen. I have been an Aster and Marklin collector for years having dipped into Standard Gauge just this year and hence, naive about operating any train anywhere. Can’t believe the sheer thrill of seeing ‘America’s Industrial Art On Wheels’ roll down my two loops of 87 and 72. Ad to think all these years I harbored pretty wallflowers on the shelf. It was only ceremonial that my first ever Tinplate acquisition, the Grand Dame of them all, with all her six azure cars launched on Kirk’s shiny track with aplomb. A shiny red Macy’s #10 consist acquired from a fellow member played pilot barge to the blue steamer. Pinch! Is this for real? Jim Waterman said it best as he gave the final pat before the debut— World’s greatest hobby! 

Ash Standard 


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Congrats Ash - joining SGMA at it's inception was the main reason that I got obsessed with standard gauge (and started building them!) Running long trains on wide radius and long straightaways is just fantastic. Nothing quite like a 50 car standard gauge freight train.


Jim Waterman


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