In the Aug/Sept 2019 OGR issue's Editor's Corner column, Alan Miller discusses the topic of layouts never being finished - I agree with him 100%.

My WarrenvilleRailroad layout began in 1983 and was declared finished (by me) many times. However, since then many expansions, changes and refinements have happened. The layout has grown (evolved?) from 4 x 8 feet (with this original section still incorporated in it) to approximately 24 x 18 feet, in sort of a reverse "G" shape with 3 levels if you count the subway.

For more details you can visit You can also see some quick info on the layouts of some friends in the "Friend's Layouts" section

Been a subscriber since the O Scale Railroading days, Alan, always appreciated your articles.

John ('Ski) Warren

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You have a wonderful layout and I've actually come across your webpage a few years ago when searching for "Godzilla" and "Train Layout".   I agree - no layout is truly finished.


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