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Well it's only been 3 months since the release of 4408.  The day it was announced I wanted to do the right thing and get one from my LHS.

I got a call today that it has finally arrived.  I didn't have the heart to tell him I already purchased 4 of them from other vendors for a cheaper price.   

The sad thing is HE could have sold me 4 by now if he was aggressive and demanded Soundtraxx send him some.  Everyone else has had them.  He did not want to bother the Soundtraxx people because he thought they would get mad.

And we scratch our heads and wonder why some of our LHS's are going out of business.

I'll stick to my commitment and pick it up anyway.  I purchased a GP38 at York that needs a Blunami.

BLUNAMI #1 - MTH 44 toner


BLUNAMI #2 MTH NS OCS 4270IMG_20220106_184441027

BLUNAMI #3 MTH NS OCS 4271IMG_20220106_184419884

BLUNAMI #4 Atlas SW9 - in work.  Will be a total custom repaint as well.IMG_20230225_105628133_HDR

BLUNAMI #5 (My original pre-order from January) .  MTH GP38 with a total custom repaint.IMG_20230422_195338_01

I wish it were winter.  Doing Spring and Summer outdoor work totally messes with my train work.  I long for the days of cold, rain and snow.🥶 = 🚂


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  • IMG_20230304_180852506_HDR
  • IMG_20220106_184441027
  • IMG_20220106_184419884
  • IMG_20230225_105628133_HDR
  • IMG_20230422_195338_01
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Sorry to hear that, my LTS is 75 miles away! I put my order in for 4400 on Sunday and it's in my mailbox on Tuesday! Litchfield Station is my goto dealer for all things DCC. Haven't tried the Blunami's yet, but I have about 5 loco's with the 4400's installed now. With summer fast approaching here in AZ, train season is about to swing into full gear, it will soon be too hot to go outside, LOL!

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