MY SD40-2 IN 3D

Shapeways is a big company and has certainly more powerful 3D printers that my makers, here, have not. I know now what they are able to do and what price they apply; Shapeways makes a very good work but expensive. And more, when I can find spare parts on the ATLAS website, I don't hesitate one second; cost is negligible! and I have, like everybody, to pay attention to my money!!!!

But thank you RDUN for your interesting comment. It's very useful and kind.

Have a good sunny sunday like here!

jpv in France

Before continuing to build the SD40, something I wanted to do since a while: update the motors housings.

The first I made were very simplistic but operational: motor housing on the left and middle dummy housing on the right (flat top because the bolster is just above.

motor block and dummy

I thought it was better to re-do these parts and update them to look like (almost!) the real one, always thinking that I had to fit them to my model, even if these parts are not completely visible.

I found a few photos on the net and here is the result of my work; the dimensions are always the same but I changed the shape and added some details:

10_01_1306 ensemble essieu moteur

10_01_1306 ensemble essieu moteur vue arrière

Without wheels and gears:

10_03_1234 carter moteur   10_03_1234 carter moteur_b   10_03_1234 carter moteur_c

An exploded view to show you the differents parts:

exploded view

The dummy housing has had the same updates but the top is always cut!

10_01_1352 carter_flasques dummy_b

All these parts are now ready to be printed, for exemple this one:

10_01_1311 flasques 1 et 2_grappe de 4

I notice now on the drawing above that it lacks a 1mm hole at the bottom of the left part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it means that I have updated the drawings but not the . stl print file!!!!!!! we should have four eyes!!!

That's all for this evening!

jpv in France









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Truly amazing.  Your skills and artistry is top notch. Did you used to model in "S" scale?  I remember seeing photos of modules and trains built by a modeler in France (I think) whose skills and attention to detail were similar to yours. 

Very Nice Job!





Many thanks BH! I never modeled in S scale, sorry!

On this forum? Perhaps a friend of mine; his pseudo is "Jamo" or "SJVRR".........

Work of the day:

Temporary assembly of the long hood to check out if I find something wrong:

First, insert of the screws in to the chassis from underneath:


Right side:


Left side:


Some views in adding the roof and the back end:




It lacks the motor side access on the left side and the rear air grilles: these parts are not in accordance with what I want; so my "3D guy" is doing them again. 

I asked prices for the door latches and other parts but no answer.................

As long as I don't have them, I can't give the long hood the first coat of primer!

I'm also waiting for the front short hood; I gave it to be done by another 3D maker; hope this time it will be all right!

A bientôt

jpv in France



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