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I 've discovered a really nice almost S scale station.

What I really like is that it is litho/tinplate with plastic roof details. It's the: "Hallmark QHT3501 Oceanside Depot. This is part of the Hallmark Great American Railways Depot Collection. It measures 6 inches tall x 10 1/2 inches long x 5 1/2 inches wide. It is designed for display with the Hallmark 1:76 scale replica Lionel engines from the late 1990s." (As described on Tranz website)

At 1:76 in a pre assembled building, It's not O, not HO, but close enough to 1:60 to look really good. 

I love the fact that it is "tinplate". For me it creates the feel of the Gilbert American Flyer golden era. I plan to put frosted windows and illumination in it. (Maybe I'll try a new topic on how I do may be a while before I tackle it)

These are the only 2 pics I have from Christmas I'll post some shots of the basic station tomorrow or so.

Any body else discover this gem?20171227_124840_00120171227_124835_001



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Nice looking building. Here's a prototype from the LIRR Oceanside station.

JUSTAKID: Yes, I bought one of these at a Hallmark store years ago. Although it looked a little small for O Scale, I had to buy it since I grew up in Oceanside, NY and lived there for a total of 29 years.



Hey John- Baldwin boy here. Born and raised Class of '80.

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New Station house completed in 2005

Oceanside Station - LIRR photo 1919 Archive: Art Huneke

Three Rails Are Better Than None 

How tall are the doors that open on the Oceanside station?  And the doors on the white HO station with the semaphore out front?  Thanks.  Nice looking.  Both of them.  

David Horn

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The HO station with the semaphore is a Built-n-ready by Woodland Scenics, Danbury station,  BR5023 about $50+ plus shipping. Readily svailable.

The O station is a discontinued building by Mth sometimes available on the secondary market about $40+ plus shipping.


     I lived in Oceanside, but not far from Baldwin. I lived on Foxdale Ave., one block north of Foxhurst Rd. Foxdale Ave., was about three blocks from Baldwin, not too far from Silver Lake. So, I lived miles from the Oceanside LIRR station.




I was in North Baldwin off DeMott, Marie Ave. My friends dad owned Crows Nest Marina. Use to spend summers working there. Small world huh?

We used to take the train from Oceanside to long beach to go fishing. Rods and all got lots of strange looks. 😂

Bigelo's is still on Long Beach Rd too.

Three Rails Are Better Than None 

S scale is 3/16"=1'. So...

Pic 1. shows about 1 1/8"= 6 feet

Pic 2. shows same as pic 1

Pic 3. shows about 1 5/16"=7 feet

Pic 4. shows about 1 1/4" = ~6 feet 9 inches

Pic. 5 shows same as pic 4

Pic 6 shows about 1.5 " = 8 feet

Pic 7 shows same as pic 2

All these door heights are very close to S scale door heights. 

I'd call the actual scale of the building is ~1/76...a bit smaller than 1/64 scale but close enough for hand grenades!



    We just had Bigelow's fish this past Friday night. I live in Rockville Centre, only a few blocks north of DeMott, one block east of Long Beach Road. Taxes are getting ridiculous and so after 33 years here, we are looking to move.

   North Baldwin and where we are are still very nice.



Yes, so while not being S scale it is visually closer to S long as you avoid putting a scale figure in the doorway it looks right.

I've also found that some Hawthorn village buildings look almost S scale. Again, it is the visual perspective as opposed to actual measured demensions. Both the HO and the O stations I pictured in this post are way off visually as well as dimensionally. If you consider many original Gilbert American Flyer acessories were "oversized" (O scale?), and tinplate, a station like this Oceanside depot, should be a welcome addition to anyone's collection.

Just would like to add: this is a really well made tinplate building with base. Hallmark had a license  agreement with Lionel to produce static copies of Lionel engines but it appears they produced this station on their own, with an MSRP of $65. Imagine what it might cost from a mfg of trains. I suspect 20+ years from now  hobbiests will wonder why none of the big train mfgs didn't make it.

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