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I just joined the OGR. My name is Peter and I am actually the NASG webmaster. If it interests members of this forum, I could post recent news items with regard to the NASG web site (i.e. a "what's new" message) from time to time.


I usually spend a few hours each Sunday updating the NASG web site, so there's always something new. My current efforts are mostly hidden, but I'm working with the individual who is organizing the 2013 NASG Convention in Scranton, PA. I hope to soon be able to post the updated Convention pages to the site. This morning I added some more news items to the site.


Here's my guide to the site. If you visit it regularly, I'd recommend going to the "Site" page first. If you are interested in seeing what is available in "S", visit the "Manufacturers" page (which I keep up-to-date). If you are a current "S" modeler and you want to find out what's new in terms of products and/or services, I'd recomment visiting the "News" page.


There is a lot of content on the site, so take your time and enjoy. The site is intended to provide content about anything related to 1:64 modeling, be it American Flyer, scale, hi-rail, Sn3, Sn2, Sn42, 1/64 diecast automobiles, etc.


Personally, I switched from N-scale to S-scale 4-1/2 years ago. I am purely a "scale" modeler, and, yes, when it comes to rolling stock, I do tend to count rivets. I maintain my own web site for my model railroad, which you can visit at


I am not posting this on behalf of the NASG leadership (I am not a member of the elected team), but I am interested in the NASG web site and I sure appreciate this forum's effort to help promote the NASG web site, the NASG itself, and S in general. It is a great scale for modeling.


 - Peter.


I like this forum!  S gauge (scale for me) is finally coming into its own with major firms like MTH and Lionel.  What beauties have just been released!
Guys, great to see you here.  Peter, thanks for your work in making the NASG a first class website!
I need to post some pics, I recently had built an AM Budd car as a cab car, my friend Tom did an outstanding job.  Other things to show you, I love working in S, its the right size and allows me "distance" and perspective that I couln't achieve in 2 rail O scale!  Dear Lord, I have even scratchbuilt 2 structures rather than complain about the lack of them, which is my norm.
Anyway, thanks for hosting this forum!  I can hardly wait to see who shows up!

It's been a while since I lasted posted here. I've been very busy, though.


I have been making steady progress on the NASG web site, if you are interested. Recently, I have updated the photos that rotate on the home page. I hope to have time to update those more often. The other major change I made was rename two of the main navigation buttons. They are now called "S Resources", which has organized lists of all the web sites that show "S" products available TODAY, and the other is now called "Product Gallery", which has organized lists of ways for you to look up previously-produced S products (engines, cars, etc.).


About a month ago I did the last update of the 2013 NASG Convention page. It has tons of photos, manufacturer report, downloadable hand-outs from several of the clinics, including mine, and more. This was my first time at an NASG convention, and I had a blast! I also did a clinic about Neil Stanton's S-CAB system (radio frequency DCC controller, with optional battery-powered system). The PDF of the slide show is available on the web site. You can see last year's convention page here:


A new, dedicated page for the 2014 Convention has been added as well:


And, in closing, at this past convention, we discussed making announcements about what various "S" clubs are doing, in advance. To the extent that I know, I update the web site's Events page. So, if you are in the area of a club, and are "S-curious", check out a local club event:



 - Peter.

   (NASG webmaster)



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