The Nebraska Zephyr thundered through Western Springs this morning, welcoming in the Fall season:

NZr 092212 01


NZr 092212 02


NZr 092212 03


NZr 092212 04


NZr 092212 05


NZr 092212 06


The old girl can still run with the best of them.  Thankfully, it wasn't the dark and stormy morning the weather-guessers were originally predicting.




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There's at least one more video (not mine) showing it passing through South Elgin on Friday:                                                                  

I haven't yet seen any from yesterday's 500-mile round trip to Quincy, but I assume they will be posted soon. Those will be interesting, especially if they catch her at 84 MPH or include pacing shots from Route 34, etc.








Very nice stuff Rusty! Since I am at our daughter's house, out in Kansas, right now, I was unable to watch the train set run through Western Springs (our home town), this weekend. Beautiful train consist and hope everything goes smothly for the IRM's trips.


I isn't easy keeping the RR stuff built during the 1940s, or befor, running well, diesel OR steam!

Us railfans in the Hinsdale area in the 1950's used to hold the sneering view that "diesels are all the same under the paint". EXCEPT the E5's, which we deemed "honorary steam locomotives"!    Best looking 72 year old in the country!

It certainly is a fine sight and sound -- the E5 wide open, Mars Light wig-wagging in a figure 8, single note "blaster" air horn, and everything shined up to perfection.  I can imagine this stylish train making a trademark Burlington passenger train stop -- coming in hot and spotting the baggage door right next to the wagon on the platform.  Good memories.


My hat is off to every person who volunteered in some way to make this happen.



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The Panhandle & Santa Fe Railway Co.

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