Need help identifying Bing Loco, possibly prototype? (Possibly solved)

I recently bought this loco, and am waiting on it to arrive, but I cant seem to identify it from the photos. There is no number, and the seller did not say anything about it. The winding mechanism sticking out of the side is different than anything that I've ever seen before, which leads em to believe this could possibly be a prototype. Any info would be great.


I have found a few engines, but none have the pyramid cut out that surrounds the winding mechanism, most are just a semi circle.


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I would say check the clockwork mechanism with that of the M1 loco you have in the same lot ... I have a sneaky sneaky feeling it might be a hornby loco motor grafted into the Bing body Arne showed you on the other thread , the wheels just arent screaming Bing to me ( I have been wrong in the past ) and perhaps the Hornby motor has the key position a tad offset than the original Bing , hence the modified cut-out?

bing loco

Normal bing loco and wheels

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