Need Help On How to Hook Up Common (U) Connection For Accessories

I have several accessories that depend on an insulated track section to activate, (semaphore signal, gateman, etc).  The hot connection for these is to a terminal block, which is connected to my postwar ZW terminal B.  The common connections are of course the outside rails of the insulated track sections.

Now the problem ... I just changed from using the ZW "A" post for track power, to a new Powerhouse 180 (through a Legacy Powermaster).  These accessories do not operate now, since the outside rails are no longer connected in any way to the ZW to complete the circuit.  My 022 switches are also powered by a connection to the ZW "C" post, and these now do not function either.

How can I fix this?  Can I just run a wire from a ZW "U" post to a lockon on the track?  Could I run a wire from a ZW "U" post to the "U" track power out connection on the Legacy Powermaster?  Would this interfere with the track power which is now coming from the Powerhouse 180?

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Lionel has a great corporate video on YouTube if you search,with "Lionel, two,transformers, phasing" it should be on top. Phasing is a more or less a must since you use outside rail triggers. (A relay would be another way; isolating the trigger and acc.)

If your P180 brick trips it's breaker right away even though the track is fine but it works alone, out of phase is a likely cause as any at times. Did someone unplug the zw and flip it while vacuuming? Simply flip the zw a.c. plug over and plug it in again, try again. The bricks should trip super fast if out of phase.. In phase, no issue. They video explains the whys and hows of it pretty well, pretty simply. It is not hard to grasp, and Mike is kinda entertaining as well. 

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