I am trying to help a friend add a 20 foot trolley line to his layout.  He wants to use a MTH trolley equipped with Proto 2.  He wants to have trolley go to one end of the line stop for a few seconds and then go to the other end of the line and do the same thing.  He would like for this to continue as long as power is applied.


Does anyone know of a circuit that would control trolley in conventional mode?  He does not have DCS nor does he want to add it.  I have seen this done with DC engines but am not aware if anything exist to accomplish with AC using 3 position E-unit.

I appreciate any ideas!



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If the trolley has Station Stop effects like the subways (many P2/P3 trolleys do), it can be programmed and put into auto mode without adding DCS hardware.

It's not as simple to do it, as you need to be good with timing the presses of bell and horn buttons, but it is possible.

No gutting required, most likely (unless it is a unit that does not include Auto mode, I'm not sure if they always have or not).  The manual should cover this.


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