One of my purchases at York was a Lionel Southern Heavyweight Station Sounds Diner (item number6-15596). I got is at a good price son I am not surprised it does not work.  I get no sounds, cannot program and no lights.

Has anyone worked on one of these and if so where did you start?  If all else fails, I would at least like to have the lights function.

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I believe that with TMCC StationSounds diners the lights are on by default when there is power to the track IF (1) the light switch under the car is set to the ON position (if it’s OFF the TMCC command won’t override it) and (2) no lights in the car have burned out - they are incandescent and I think wired in series. With the switch set to ON you are meant to be able to toggle the lights on and off by an AUX1-8 keypress and I suppose if last operated with the lights off you might have to enter that command to turn them on, but that is not the default setting as far as I recall.

No sound or light indicates a power supply failure to me and I’d check the wires from the trucks. Beyond that the next thing that occurs to me is a radio board failure but it could be any one of several things.

Make sure you increase volume.  If it was silenced and factory reset, reset won’t turn volume back up.  If it is turned down all the way, it will act dead.  Lights are something else, but the volume is important.

lights should be fairly straight forward if you have a meter.


TCA 18-73717

If you're programmed it and attempted to address it with a TMCC command, you should be able to control the lights with AUX2.  If nothing works, I'd be looking at the TMCC package.  I've found that some of these have a layout that doesn't allow the board to seat properly.  Lionel attempted to "fix" this by strapping the boards cocked in the socket with cable ties.  This wasn't a good solution and it didn't function well.  Since the lights are command controlled, it sounds like the R2LC may be out of the socket, they default to on I believe.


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