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Finally finished up working on this addition. Seeing Rusty's pics in his S Fest post started the quest. I've been wanting a set of Baldwin Sharks for several years now with things never working out just right. Thanks to Ray, who gave me the sellers number, and after a few days, came to an agreement. Other than a broken step everything arrived well. The step was repaired and the power units disassembled, lubed and window glass added. I needed to replace both early Dallee E units as one started in neutral and the other was locked in one direction. I originally thought of converting these to the D&H scheme but the paint job is just too nice. Guess I'll keep on looking.




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@richabr posted:

Another project completed, a scratchbuilt pickle car. Should fit in nicely.


This looks awesome!

Similar to a Lionel “Wine Vat” car I have.   When I was at Tom’s Trains with my 8 year old, we saw a bunch of boxcars with food product related themes.   It’ll mix up my PRR theme so we got a box car for everyone in the family.   He got a Ruffles Potato Chip boxcar, brother got a Hostess Cupcake boxcar, I got a Coca-Cola boxcar, and my 8 year old found something for Mommy and announced it loudly in the store ..  HEY! HERE’S A WINE CAR FOR MOMMY!!  BUT THEY ONLY HAVE ONE!”

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