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I have started a new project. This is one of three HO scale kits I am building for a customer. This one is the Builders in Scale kit 615.



I have started on the ore house but need to stop till I know from the customer whether he is looking for stain only or paint. If stain I need to pre-stain all parts before any gluing. If paint I can choose to paint and glue or build sub-assemblies and paint.



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The customer wants the trestle on the opposite side of the ore bin. I assembled the ore house thinking I could just turn it around however forgot to take into account only one side wall has windows so they would be facing the wrong way. I pulled off the one end with the small window (came off in pieces). I built a new wall with wood stock I have and enlarged the hole on the opposite side.



The new window hole is not as good as laser cut but it will work.

Started working on the side posts for the bin superstructure. The photo may be misleading. The post structure on the left is not wider than that on the right.



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I put the bin house together. During the course of the build I decided to change from painting first then gluing to gluing a structure and painting. I can do this since the first coat of  enamel will cover any glue spots.




The kit came with a thin sheet of 'corrugated Al' roofing. I did not like it all mostly because it looked more O scale than HO scale. I opted for a 'tar paper' roof using a method I saw on a Jason Jenson Youtube video. It is black construction paper painted dark gray. I then sanded with 120 grit paper to remove spots of the gray and fray the edges. there are various shades of weathering powders applied.

The structure was painted dark gray then washes were applied using burnt umber, burnt sienna and raw sienna acrylic paints followed by weathering powders.

Next up is the trestle deck structure.


Gluing the individual post structures together was somewhat of a pain but it got done. The kit instructions called for board by board building of the ore bin. I opted for a  scribed sheet instead. As can be seen in the above photos it came out just fine.


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Started working on the trestle deck. Again I used double sided scotch tape to hold the two chords in place. I placed a piece of plywood on one side to act as a stop then used a spacer to place the deck ties. The kit plan calls for two HO rails to be glued in place however I have none so will ask the customer to glue once the structure is delivered. The rails are supposed to guide 3 or 4 ore cars that came with the kit.



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Joe, that is an excellent job you are doing, B&SC makes some terrific kits, I think you'll enjoy this build.  If I remember correctly, the guys who started B&SC were named Pete Smith and John Calin, really nice guys and both were tremendous Sn3 modelers.  I think they ended up selling the line to Bill Banta.  I have some of their Sn3 kits and really like them.


I think that the building of models in 1:48 scale is enjoyable because most pieces are large enough to work with easily. Seems to me that working in 1:87 might be more difficult and not as enjoyable due to everything being smaller. But, I can't say for sure since I have never worked in 1:87.


Did some more work on the super structure - gluing the sides together was relatively easy but adding the cross bracing was a bear.

I will be struggling with the hoist assembly - instructions are real fuzzy plus not any good diagrams. I read the instructions twice, stared at the drawings and decided to move on to the hoist house...............



The hoist house is shown below. Since it would be real difficult to access the inside for paint I decided to stain the inside first then glue. I will leave the insides alone and paint the outside. The ore skip is put together (sits inside the hoist house). I will leave the door part open so one can see the ore skip machinery inside.


Since the ore skip assembly is included I am adding a floor to the hoist house. I still need to add bracing to the floor since it warped after applying the stain. A weight on it over night reduced the warp considerably. Right now I am thinking instead of adding bracing inside place it on the bottom so the building looks like it is lifted off the ground. I had to place a weight on the roof also but once glue to the rafters it should be ok.




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I conducted an internet search looking for photos of the mine headframe and lo and behold the Builders in Scale site had a bunch of them -! Once I saw the photos every thing became easy.




I need to add some cross bracing for the angled support poles. build the head frame shed and the ladder then this project is ready for paint.


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The structures are assembled. If one looks closely they can see the wire supports and NBW on the hoist structure. I did a background stain in preparation for painting this time around. I included the finished ore bin as a comparison. You can also see where the glue lines did not accept stain. The rods were easier than I thought they would be. I envisioned having to drill holes on both ends but ended up drilling one hole and since the wood is so soft I merely pushed the metal rod into the opposite end.






I will start sponging on browns today.


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colorado hirailer posted:

I was once in HO but have built  many more structures (kits, scratch) in O.  Interesting to see a "pro" make mistakes (l have made a few!), and to use scribed wood versus individual boards....done that.  Wasn't that kit also offered in O?

If you mean the Blair Line kit - yep

If you mean the Builders In Scale kit - According to their web site no unless sometime in the past they did

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