Not the big news of the day, but note worthy. Mike Reagan has just announced with the roll out of the new that the shipping schedule will become a "living" document. What that means is that the shipping schedule will now update itself on a regular basis with information being fed into it from internal Lionel production orders. The schedule now has the capability to update itself with accurate information on a nightly basis. Lionel has indicated that a complete retooling of the site is only weeks away. Look for this new feature to debut then. This should make some folks very happy.


Big announcements will be in Episode 63 of Notch 6.   

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This is good news. Now I can get my wallet ready For the shock with more certainty. The "Minister of Finance" is always asking when the next wave of credit charges are coming. Now I can tell her...



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Originally Posted by EBT Jim:


Let's all give a big AMEN to that!!!    Looking forward to the updated approach!





Originally Posted by johnstrains:


Some of the members here can come in off the ledge now (and they know who they are!).

Yes, and another set of members here who tend to bleed orange & blue "Lionel right or wrong" can sleep easier now knowing they'll no longer need to defend Lionel for publishing one of the most useless customer-facing documents out there containing unbelievable amounts of mis-information.  


All we were trying to do was to get them to publish "timely and accurate" information for consumers.  It was never rocket science... just good business practices that we were hoping for.  Only in this corner of the world could some folks find fault with that message.


Ironically, the very same group that defended Lionel's online shipping schedule would be raising pitch-forks en masse for any other consumer product.  Guaranteed!!! 




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