I got around to hang  I think the most important addition   the fire extinguisher.. and I know its a perfect location  my 9 yr old grand daughter pointed  it out...as soon as she came up  to the trains.....          The picture is a reproduction  catalog display I framed in and mounted it sort of like a shadow box .I'm hoping I find the other one with a swinging lantern .. just wanted to share... danielNew hanging additions 006New hanging additions 003


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Thought I make another wall art  shadow box.. It not the original one but its the one my Mom bought me after throwing away my oldest brothers Lionel trains when he went  to the service back in 1969. 

So...in 1970 Mom drove me to a small local hardware store and bought me this  set .. Thought it would do me a lot more than just  sitting on the shelf  . away20191206_105713 from my new layout and  me...


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I go to lowes and get 5/8 x1.5 inches poly trim   item # 70676 83683  then I get that Luann board   . Then you can either use poster colored sheets (the .99 cents type )  and use loctite spray adhesive  200   .

I cut the size cut the colored sheet or just as I did with the MPC   make it the same size .Use the spray on both sides and wait @30  seconds and press together .... then measure your Luann board with the item glued on ..and miter the trim

I use a little liquid nails on my miter joints and pre-drill and add two finishing nails  on each corner

Then lay your  finished board and use  nails with heads on I use 3/4x16 brass plated pins

this part is optional but I use those small eye  screw  on each corner to keep it away and able to breath  against the wall  then I add to more @3.5 inches from top and add a steel wire   (the way I hang them  with two  small molly plugs and screws)

Some times the hardest part is knowing where to hang  it and what to make! ...daniel



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