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Hello  all, I thought I'd would share a project I am working on for my layout. I have a factory that consists of two large building fronts  with a double track running between them. I thought I would be cool to have a covered factory bridge the two buildings and also provide a vignette so you can't see where the tracks go. I got my inspiration from this image


I drew up this wall panel in Fusion 360 and saved it as an STL

Wall section

Here is a 3D SLA printer plate loaded up with 5 sections ( each panel is 6"w x 5" tall)

Plate of walls

Now I need to wait and see if my supports hold up Only 10hrs to wait!

Print time  


Images (4)
  • Prototype
  • Wall section
  • Plate of walls
  • Print time
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@CSX Al posted:

Will do John 👍🏻

Dear Al,

I wonder if you're having any problems with warping - these are very flat objects and I can imagine they tend to bend quite a lot. I am currently experimenting on similar stuff and have not yet really found a solution other than backing the part to something indeformable like brass profiles or the like.



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