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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!

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Matt, I got an email today from MTH with a link that won't be active until next week. It had a picture of the catalog's cover. I'll try to add it here for you.

My EMD SD70ACe is a CSX version. I settled on that after some wrestling with choices. I flipped a coin between CSX and NS. I originally wanted the EMD demo scheme.

 I also built a GE EVO demonstrator. Mike Wolf said he wanted to build both models in G scale and sat on them for all this time. The G scale market is very funny on what sells. Either top end, or very cheap it seems? Years ago I talked to a guy who wanted equipment and he wouldn't spend $40-45 on a car of mine. He said he wouldn't spend over $20! Those types also want engines for less than $50. I told him "good luck on that".


This is the last look of the SD70ACe's progress. I painted out the bottom black, and put her on the rails to work. I said I'd finish it during the winter and here it is summer now! ( like 2 years later... )

& back at last post!:

and then my attention went to the GE EVO




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Joe, that catalog is active.


I really can't decide on NS, Demo, or DRGW scheme SD70ACe.

I haven't seen a store link to it yet so I guess I still have time.

As one who has an addiction to SD70ACe's, I recommend BOTH the Demonstrator and the UP/DRGW schemes. Wait. You're back east. You need the NS and the Demonstrator. But I've seen UP in your consists. You better play it safe and get all three.

So now I'm staring at choices that baffle me. My favorites:







Before that I asked her which one looked good and she picked this one!

UP veterans

Then, ….She reminds me "No More Trains!! 

I need my coach Matt or maybe some extra advice from Scott if I slip. At least I narrowed it down from the Reading ( growing on me) and G. Bush versions!

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