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Out of the box from last Saturday at ATMA my new Legacy SW8  will not smoke.  I am asking for input to check as I am not that well versed with legacy.  All other features used are working. This is what I have done.  15 drops of smoke fluid, smoke switch is on.  With the legacy control I pushed the reset icon and have pressed both the smoke increase and decrease icons.  When nothing worked I used the universal remote and there was no change.  Before I return for service is  there any thing else I should check?  Hope you guys can help.

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Hard to tell what type of smoke unit was use.  Recent smoke units Atlas and others, had a TAS (Train America Studio) type smoke unit, with a fan, and a thermistor safety, low level fluid, shut down.  Unfortunately this smoke unit ended in a legal dispute, if my foggy head remembers.    The thermistor had to be positioned, a correct distance, from the smoke heating element.  The blue thing, above picture.  Too much fluid, entered the fan compartment, and was another problem.  There was a fiber wadding material, positioned, in the same compartment, with the smoke/heating element, and thermistor.

Fitting a smoke unit, in, an already crowded, SW unit, there may be piping, with bends, that inhibits, the smoke.


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To let everybody know what  the fix was,  is simply to STUDY the instruction manual , not just read it.  I also had to get out the Legacy base manual and apply additional set up info because I couldn't get the smoke to work just going through the locomotive manual.  The key and I am repeating it was to STUDY the instructions.  That is why I earned a dope slap, but I also wonder if  many people who also are not experienced with Legacy claim quality issues when it is really set up issues.

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