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Before reaching out to MTH, I thought I would start here.  I just received MTH's new UP Coal Turbine #80 Proto 3 engine.  I placed it on the tracks and turned the power on.  I noticed that the number boards did not light up.  I went through trying to add the engine through both the DCS WiFi and the DCS remote but the system did not find the engine.  I made sure there was power going to the tracks.  I also took one of my other proto 3 engines and placed it on the track and it powered up.  I also made sure the DCS/DCC switch underneath was set to "DCS" which it was.

I know this engine has the Alco "A" unit and the turbine "B" unit that you have to lash up.  Does having both of these engines on track effect anything?  I wouldn't think so.  Any suggestions as to why I can't add it?

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Alan Mancus posted:

I would only put the one engine on the track when you trying to add to dcs. after you have added it then it usually does not matter if other engines are on the track1

I took your suggestion and took the B unit off (and the tender) and the DCS found the A unit right away.  I then placed the B unit back on and was able to add that into the DCS system.  I was able to get the engine running which I am happy about.  I guess when you have multiple units, you have to add them into the DCS system one at a time.  You learn something new everyday....

Thanks again for the help!

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