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My MTH NYCT (New York Container Terminal) GP38-2, GMTX 2109 (, arrived and it's a beautiful locomotive.  My only disappointment is in an area that I usually ignore, "Cab Chatter".  Since this is a Staten Island locomotive which accurately reflects the prototype (see:, I had hoped that the cab chatter would be reflective of Island culture in the same way that MTH honored tradition in their production of SIRT ALCo S-2 No. 9032:

It would be fun to download the S-2 cab chatter for the GP38 to replace the generalized psychobabble now in place.  I've reviewed Barry's Book and see nothing specific to cab chatter.  Can it be done?

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That my usual MO.  I normally can't stand the stuff and Lionel is far worse than MTH... the rules violations drive me nuts.  However, if you've listened to the chatter of the SIRT S-2, especially as featured in SIRT's Youtube videos, you can appreciate the Islandese and what MTH can do when they set their minds to it.  Grab a bowl of popcorn and treat yourself to some great stuff:

SIRT's representation of the Grasmere - DeJonges territory is impeccable and I understand that he also had something to do with the Cab Chatter dialog.

Dear RTR12,

Thanks, I think.  I read through the entire thread, twice, and my head hurts while it spins.  Even GUNRUNNERJOHN, who I consider to be the "Gold Standard of 3R Tech", questioned:

"HUH?  Is English your first language? "

I went to Mark's webpage, followed the instructions and downloaded the "Protosound" file for the P&LE Geep easy as pi...  Then I went to the webpage for my long-coveted SIRT S-2 (, clicked on "Protosound" and got a psychedelic very large array of question marks enclosed in black diamonds.  Answer: the Black Diamond was a passenger train on the Lehigh Valley, not the P&LE or the SIRT.  However, I can't imagine how that could be relevant.

I think I'll just play it safe, turn off the cab chatter, provide my own smart-alec remarks in authentic Staten Islandese and wait for an SIRT S-2 to appear for sale here or on the bay.

Do as Severn says above, right click on the MTH sound file and use 'save as' or 'save file as' or whatever your browser uses for saving files. I have to do the same thing with the MTH sound files, there is nothing wrong with the files, it's just the way your browser is handling them.

Mark's program works very well, I have used it to listen to some MTH sound files, but have not yet tried to replace any sounds. That takes a little more work and I believe an additional program the Mark describes. I think some have used it and reported success, maybe in the same thread.

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