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I am new to this forum so I hope I am not double posting as I posted earlier this evening regarding a 4x8 track layout in the Track and Power magazine that was apparently posted as 4x8, but actually was a 5x9 according to some members of the group.  Any way since I already have 036 curves and switches I would prefer any proposal to have these.  I would ideally like a plan that would allow me to run two trains at once and maybe have 1 and no more than 2 sidings or maybe just a way to modify this track layout to fit my 4x8 board.  I have attached the plan (bottom one) that I was going to go with on this post.  Thanks! for any help as I am a rookie and new to the group.


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  • 20140809_204257: Bottom layout showing misprinted size as 4x8
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It should fit a 4 x 8 but you may need to scrunch it and the track will be right at the edge which can be scary for fly offs.   I use Fasttack and really like it -- it is more flexable then people think.  You will need to consider a short side yard or fiddle yard attached to the 4 x 8 if you want to add some operations.

If you have a pc, you can download the free track planning software SCARM and go crazy planning layouts.  It will tell you what and how many pieces you need to acquire to assemble the layout.  I used it for about a year before finally buying the track pieces for my first layout.  I use it several times a month trying out new ideas.  

I think Obnoxious is wrong! here's the reasons. when I built my daughters layout yes 4x8 2 simple ovals no switches 4 bridges and a tunnel/mountain at one end. I then was able to place structures as I ordered them placed them in the layout plan. once that was done I started building to the plan. start to finish 3 weeks for her xmas gift. I had no room for error I had to make sure it all fit and where the wiring was clearance for her train and the second train  that wasn't bought yet. it gave me a picture of the layout before it was built to work towards. track software for any layout I think should be used unless you can do it old school with templates and have a lot more time on your hands.











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here's a 4 x 8 2 loop using 036 outer and 031 inner. When the new 031 switches arrive, you can make the figure 8 crossover in the center.


Also, here's a version of the 1954 5 x 9 layout adapted to 4 x 8. Running two trains on it would be interesting without wrecking.


if you can squeeze a 5 x 9 in your space, a used ping pong table top can be found for about the price of sheet of good plywood. Then your layout options open up.




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  • 4 x 8 FasTrack Double Loop
  • 1954 Lionel 8 on 4 x 8

with my daughter in school she doesn't work on it to much she painted the mnt since I did the layout the wife talked me into not finishing it for her and letting her do it and that has been a slow  process since she is in school. you have to kind of know my daughter she is 18 and plays with trains but that is because she has Cerebral Palsy. so for her the school work is a challenge and taking on a layout at the same time is just to much for her. she also has slight autism too. at one point she was deemed legally blind  but glasses have help that situation. so she loves the train set but she is they type of kid that I bought her a doll when she was 6 and it is still in the box never opened and she has many like that so the train layout even though it isn't finished she is happy with it that way. I a few weeks ago gave her a ameri town building and she painted it and then I glued it for her. is it perfect no but she did it and is happy with it and it is on her layout. with her issues she can't stand very well so she has knocked over her trees and her little tank thing on the layout is no longer attached. but the layout works and her Hogwarts train does make an appearance on my layout every now and then. when she feels like allowing my layout to run her train (she's very protective of it ) she feels her Hogwarts graces my layout with it's presence so she painted the mountain and has done a few little thing but not much she knows what she wants but doesn't know how to get there and some of the stuff neither do I she wants a Hogwarts castle but I'm not a scratch builder when it comes to stuff like that so I am kind of lost I did find Ho plans of the Hogwarts castle in cardstock but like I said way beyond me .


here is a link to her train running.;type=3&theater


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