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When I connect power to the plug feeding to engine the engine runs fine (forward and reverse), but when I connect the plug to the tender it won't run!  I took the shell off the tender and found one of the electrical copper connectors that the wire runs to is loose.  I don't know what it is called and not sure how to fix it.  Also, the insulation on the green wire is worn off.  When it is plugged into the tender it is bent at a sharp angle and when I just attached it with alligator clips to the wires it was not bent. Any suggestions.  Here are some pictures. Thanks for any help!


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  • Connection2
  • Frayed green wire
  • Tender
  • Distant view
  • Repair Set 2 004
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You can check the tender connection with a Voltmeter. Check for continuity from the tender truck rivets to the female jack on the tender. If you wiggle the wire and lose continuity, hit the solder joint with an iron or restrip the wire and resolder. Be careful with the length of time you apply the iron as the jack is sitting in a plastic tender shell. Use the same technique to check the engine plug. It is a common problem that the wires pull loose from the plug. Replacements are available.

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