This engines Legacy system works as designed. All drive motors work, forward and reverse. All lights,and sounds work from the Cab-2 controls.

The smoke heater resistor responds to the Cab-2. But the fan motor will not blow the smoke out of the stack.

The smoke motor runs if disconnected from the smoke control board, and 5VDC applied to it.

Any one have any insight into what could have failed on the smoke control board. 691SFC1102

Thanks in advance for your help



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No, most just replace the board -

Are you getting output voltage from the control board? 

The feature that is curious is the manual states that the smoke is variable based on the railsounds. That would suggest that you check the input side, too. 

The main Legacy reference post of the forum has wiring diagrams supplied by a forum member - if those don't help, it looks like a gunrunnerjohn project. 

Email him to find out if he has any experience with these.

Mike at TW Trainworx east could help also. His forum handle is Mikado.


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This is a 2011 model that has modular boards, it predates the diagrams that Bruk provided.  The symptoms suggest this board has failed if you've checked the fan motor and the wiring.  This board controls the smoke fan.  As to what failed on the board, it's really hard to say.  There is no information on the board, but tracing the board fan connection on the board might lead you to a failing component.  Personally, I just replace the board.


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Hey John:

Replaced the smoke control board with a "new" one from Lionel. I then had full power to the resistor, you could see the bright red glow down the stack, but no fan, so the smoke output was back drafting and coming from every where.

I put the original smoke unit back in, now have control of smoke but no fan.

Waiting for a suggestion I have not tried.




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Bright red glow?  That's never supposed to happen!  Sounds like the "new" board was providing track power to the smoke resistor, it should be getting a fraction of that.  Other than failed smoke regulators, there's not nearly enough power to actually heat the smoke resistor sufficient to actually emit light!

Have you checked ALL the wiring from the smoke control board to the fan?

Hey John:

Dean from Lionel has posted the wiring diagram for this engine. I have double and triple checked all the wiring from the Radio board to the smoke control board, and on to the smoke unit itself.

The engine was working, all functions, drive motors, lights, smoke, sounds - talk and engine up and down.

Then the smoke fan quit responding to commands from the Cab-2.

Short of taking a working smoke control board out of my CP Vision ES44AC, I am waiting for direction from Lionel.

Enjoy Your Easter Eggs.



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Well, the one board that lit up the resistor like a bulb sure sounds bad, that should never happen fan or no fan.  Do you have the wiring diagram?  I'd be interested in a copy of it.

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