Great railroads to model!  RDG, CNJ, LV, LNE, L&HR are among the best of the best.  I know people tend to gravitate towards their regional railroads, but this was my region; growing up at a time when these and other local roads put on an unforgettable daily show.

LV_DPR posted:

Most of the Vids I have a too large to attach.  Here's a shorty including a pair of MTH Trainmaster's that I custom painted.

You can upload longer videos to youtube, or similar sites, and post the link.

I can't think of everything         

God'sNot Dead

VERY cool!!  Bethlehem Steel, Jim Thorpe, Anthracite Roads, 2-Rail  … this is the big layout I always wanted, but will never have.

Kudos to the builders of this layout. I would like to learn more details about it.

(I'm getting two CNJ GPs from 3rd Rail, to go with my large fleet of Atlas CNJ and Lackawanna hoppers. I would so love to run it on your brother's layout. Seriously. lol)


Ted S posted:

The only thing that would make this better, is to have Mike Bednar narrate it ;-)

Nothing funnier than hearing Mike on the LNE Catty video talking about the crew stopping for lunch “at a little hotel called Hunky Pete’s - they made good holupkies and pierogies”

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