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I am a digital subscriber to the magazine and a forum member. when I try to view a video I get a you do not have access message.

Do I need to become a supporting member of the forum as well to have access to videos? I have just submitted the information on digital subscriber tag not shown.

Mike Marino

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I show a "Mike Marino" as a digital subscriber, but the email address in your subscriber account does not match the email address you use here. The mailing address was the same, however, so I added the "Digital Subscriber" tag to your forum account. You can now see the videos.

  • The email address associated with your subscription account is a Hotmail address.
  • The email address associated with your OGR Forum account is a Roadrunner address.

Which one should I change?

Frank, you'll be able to watch the videos now.

The process of adding the Digital Subscriber tag to your OGR Forum account is currently a manual process. That means that the tag doesn't get added until I happen to check my email and see your order. We are working to automate that process via an API between SimpleCirc (our subscriber management site) and this forum, but the code for that it still under development.

Sorry for the delay, but you're all set now. And thanks for purchasing your digital subscription!

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