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I am using the fixed voltage plug on my O 22's.   I need bulbs for all of them, some screw and some bayonet.   What voltage bulb should I get?   I want the lanterns to light up, but not melt or be too dim.    thanks

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Got my LED's last week (white, red & green) and was experimenting with them in my bumpers. Bumpers have a red lens that covers the bulb. The white LED made it kind of pinkish colored. I found the red LED's looked much better under the bumper lens, much more red like the original bulbs.


I don't have any O22 switches so don't know about the lenses, but just a FYI on what I discovered with the bumpers. 

Here's a little followup on the led's.  The bayonet bulbs I got have a frosted lens and the screw base bulbs have a clear lens.  Installed in the switches, the frosted bulbs make the green look a little lighter and bluer, while the clear lens bulbs keep the original green and red colors of the switch lanterns.

Appreciate every day you are given and the people around you.

The LED's come with different color temperatures.  What is listed as white may be cosidered cool white which has a blue tinge to it.  Others may specify warm white which closely resembles incadescent light.


It's a matter of experimentation what looks good in different applications.


My white LED's have the frosted top and a blue tinge which look fine to me under my red and green case covers.  I do have one repro jewel cap and the red does look a bit funky, but I can live with that.  I learned the hard way by never switching the track by turning the jewel case cover, thus the reproduction replacement!!!!



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