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Hi Guys,

I am looking to get O Gauge Decals for an O Gauge CNJ Diesel Locomotive that I am customizing.  BUT, I am having a hard time finding a legitimate company that makes and sells them.  Could anyone help me with this?

Also, this is a question for TCA members who go to the York Train Meet.  Are there any vendors that sell such decals at the York Meet?

I would most appreciate the help.  Thank you.

John T.

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SIRT...only have the remainder of CNJ RDC decals and the CNJ caboose decals. These were custom made by TOMS and he still has full sheets.

TOMS TRAINS is making alot of CNJ decals but regrettably most are in HO. He does also have some CNJ passenger car decals.

JOHNT...perhaps you already know but the CNJ has been very well represented recently by the manufacturers... (except for BALDWIN Dbl Enders and 'Baby Face A-B-A's)

GP-7/9 grn/yel by Williams, MTH and Atlas

FM Trainmaster grn/yel by Williams, Lionel and MTH

FM H-16-44 grn/yel by Lionel

F-3 A-B-A grn/yel by Williams and MTH

RS-3/RSD-4 grn/yel by Weaver, RSD-4 grn/yel by MTH

RS-1 grn/yel by Atlas

Many of these show up from time to time so you might be able to 'snag' a few.

Just a thought.



20-20133-1 MTH CNJ 1522

Lionel H-16-44L CNJ H16-44-5

MTH RSD-4MTH CNJ rsd-4 powered-3

Williams F-3 A-B-A

wm f-3g 1



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