The O Gauge Railroading Forum Meeting will be held in the GOLD HALL, opposite the Orange Hall, starting at 2PM. on the York, PA Fairgrounds during the Train Collector's Association Eastern Division Meet on Friday, October 18th.

 The OGR Forum Meeting is a fast paced set of hobby presentations filled with insights, information, and some laughs. The Meeting is a blend of information and entertainment designed to give you the maximum amount of news about what is happening with our O gauge hobby in about one hour.

 The Fall 2019 Forum Meeting will feature the latest developments in new products,control systems, electronics and other O gauge doings, so if you are on the York Fairgrounds at 2 PM on Friday October 18th come join us and don't miss it!

 If you can't join us in person, Steve Nelson, of Mr Muffins Trains, will report on all the news that is fit to relate and then some, which will be posted separately on the OGR Forum. Steve will also speak for Korber Models.

 SURPRISES; There are a couple of new speakers who will show up at our meeting on Friday afternoon, but you need to join us in the GOLD HALL to hear them in person.

The following companies are scheduled to participate: 

  • Atlas Model Railroad Company
  • Brennan”s Model Railroad Products
  • Korber Models of Atlanta, Indiana and OGR Ameri-Towne Buildings
  • Lionel LLC
  • Lionel Collector's Club of America
  • Miani/Foley Benchwork
  • Millhouse River Studio
  • Miller Engineering
  • MTH Electric Trains, Inc.
  • O Gauge Railroading Inc - Digital Update
  • Ross Custom Switches
  • Sunset Models-Third Rail
  • Trainworx
  • Z Stuff for Trains

 NOTE! We really could use some folks to come to the GOLD HALL a few minutes early and help us set up the chairs for the Forum Meeting. It is a wonderful way to get a bit of good, clean exercise ! Plus, it is a great way to meet some new O gauge friends. Our first ten volunteers will get a FREE personalized, autographed copy of the latest issue of OGR, (or a plain copy if you prefer :-)

 Ed Boyle, Partner
O Gauge Railroading magazine

Original Post

If I knew electronics, I'd build a better amplifier for the OGR is pretty bad.  Although I understand from Ed Boyle and Alan Arnold that there is enough volume, it has to do with how close the speaker holds da microphone. At least no one dared seranade the crowd. What a report that would make for Mr. Muffin!


It may be time to put the current t public address system out to pasture. It works fine if folks would just hold the mic close, but we can't seem to get our presenters to do this. Darn!

The good news was we had a really interesting Forum Meeting with some great presenters.  Not only that, but Judy Siburn's cookies were were truly sensational ! Thank you Judy (I liked the oatmeal best)

I also want to thank all the people who helped put away the chairs and moved the desk we used back to its original position after the meeting.  That's another example of just how good Forumites are!

Never fear folks, Mr Muffin"s version of the Forum Meeting will be posted, but that empire of his in Atlanta Indiana needed him for a few days after he got back from York.

Stay tuned!

Ed Boyle


redjimmy1955 posted:

If I knew electronics, I'd build a better amplifier for the OGR is pretty bad...

The amplifier is fine. The issue is improper use of the microphone.

The mic is a special super-cardioid, noise-cancelling mic which is intended to be used in close proximity to the loudspeaker it is feeding without generating any feedback. However, the PROPER use of such a special mic requires a user to get close to it...VERY close. If the mic is held even 4 to 6-inches way from the mouth, the highly directional pickup pattern and the noise cancelling aspect of the mic come into play. The mic cannot differentiate between the sound from the users voice and the surrounding noise. Thus the signal from the mic is not very high and the resulting sound from the speaker is weak.

The problem can be solved by INSISTING that people use the mic up close to their mouth. By "up close"  I mean no more than 1" to 2" away from the mouth. Do that and everyone will hear just fine.

Rich Melvin

This was my third York and I actually missed almost all the meeting. I showed up late since I was at Strasburg for 611. I stood over by the door by Allan Miller and a few others, and I heard pretty well for having the wall block quite a bit of sound. Last October I helped Ed set up, but didn't get a chance this time around. I think it is as both Ed and Rich say, people need to keep the mic close and speak clearly. When Ed speaks, you hear him.

Rich Melvin posted:
Dave NYC Hudson PRR K4 posted:

...I think it is as both Ed and Rich say, people need to keep the mic close and speak clearly. When Ed speaks, you hear him.

That’s because Ed has a good, strong voice and knows how to use that mic.

I like Ed, was great helping him set up last October. I really missed that this time around because Ed and I talked the whole time we were setting up. Hooking the PA was a bit of a challenge for me, but Ed got me straight with it and there were no problems after.

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