OGR railroading 14 ga. wire

Forum member Gilly posted a link to this wire a while back. It's quite similar to the wire OGR sold, twisted, jacketed, comes in different sizes and lengths and the price is quite reasonable too.

Thanks to Gilly, it's also what I will be using in the future since the OGR wire is no longer available.

I just bought a 100 ft roll of 14 gauge stranded copper wire from Pep Boys for $17.00. Searching the internet including Amazon could not find it any cheaper. I have been using automotive wire on my layout for over 20 years and never had a problem. I even use crimp on connectors with it where soldering is not feasable.


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Fargus posted:


Thank you. That is almost exactly what OGR use to sell. I would have rather patronized them. But it is what it is. Thanks!

You are welcome. I have been using OGR wire for a few years now, so that was a very good find (thanks to Gilly) for me as well. 

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