The MTH instructions say the signal man operation on this caboose (no. 20-91636) can be triggered by holding down the bell button on your transformer or on your DCS remote for 1-2 seconds. I'm trying to run it with a LionChief Plus engine. The bell button on the LC+ remote doesn't activate the signal man. I also tried it with a conventional transformer, but it doesn't have a separate bell button, only a whistle button. Pressing that doesn't do anything, either. I don't have a DCS system.

Does anyone know any magic method to activate the signal man in this case? Or will it be necessary to get another transformer with a separate whistle button? Thanks.

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Thanks for the suggestion. In checking this out, I found this additional information as shown below. Good to know if anyone else is in this situation. The switch to use is a different one from the 5904 for all but those using a MW transformer. Most operators will want the #10-5906-001, it appears.

Hopefully this will work, but I'll also be interested to try using it in a 18v Lionchief environment.

CAUTION:  DO NOT connect this switch (#10-5904-001) into a common ground layout. This #10-5904-001 switch is intended to be used only with Lionel Type MW transformers and Railsounds locomotives and boxcars. The Type MW uses the #10-5904-001 switch, which reverses track polarity when activated.

All Lionel transformers except the Type MW are common ground transformers and can use the #10-5906-001 switch which is different from this switch.

If a one-transformer layout (so as not to need fussing with phasing multiple transformers) could you simply reverse the wires to the track using your conventional transformer?  Then pressing your Whistle button will effect a Bell button.  Presumably you don't need the conventional Whistle function if running LC+.

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