Rich Melvin posted:

The only "bold sounds" are on the promotional video that is embedded in THIS PAGE here on the forum and THIS PAGE in our main web site.

If you hearing sounds on other pages, then I don't know what you are seeing/hearing.

Lucky me, I've never heard sounds on the OGR forum other than embedded or posted videos.



Below the Signature...

Living the Nightmare!



Lucky me, I've never heard sounds on the OGR forum


I have a couple 'disablers'....

The volume button on the computer speakers....turned 'off'.

The OPHA's (Old Phart's Hearing Aids) stuck in my auditory receptors...turned all the way 'down'.  

(The latter has domestic advantages, too.)

Aside: Still bugs me when my doctor looks into the ears with his otoscope and mutters, 'Yep, nothing there!' 

The ONLY page where we have any “sounds” playing is the forum home page where the 50-Year promo video is embedded. If you are hearing sounds as you go between forums, I don’t know what you are hearing, but I do know that it is not us.

Rich Melvin

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