I am looking for a part for an Airport Administration Building. It is the weather vane/anonometer. I am a member of PCA and have checked Tandem and EBay but no luck. Does anyone here have this part or know where else to look?

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There was somebody reproducing small Plasticville parts. I don't recall his name. Might drop a email to Richard Smith @ Smitty's toy train parts, he did carry them.

I just purchased a bgent who handles Plasticville parts and he had some hard to find parts for the hospital. My email is in my profile use Plasticville Parts as the subject line and I will send you his info.

Maybe you can make the part from scrap plastic by coping from the picture.  That is how I made a weather vane/anemometer for the Lionel Control Tower, out of scrap plastic from plastic model spruns.




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Hey everyone,

im jumping in here because I came across a really nice PV corner store that’s missing the marquee sign that attaches to the roof. Also just got a really nice marbled brown switch tower. That’s missing one gray marbled door, dark brown smokestack and the two brown PLASTICVILLE JUNCTION signs. If anyone out there has these parts, let me know. Tough parts to find, especially for the corner store. Pretty certain that was never a repro part. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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