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PRRRonBH / Ron, If you look here, you can see I was so cuckoo at one point, I bought a second   scale Dreyfus Hudson, just because, well, because it was there. (Oh brother. ) IMG_2428


                                               Frank, why not make it three....

Awlawdee, you make a clear and convincing, detailed and thorough case, Briansilvermustang, of course. However, fortunately (with the emphasis on "fortune") I have stopped buying locomotives. I wouldn't even confess to how many I have, along with the consists to accompany them down the tracks (!!) So enough is enough. Some collections and layouts do fill up, and mine is one of them. Alas.

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"PRRRonBH / Ron, If you look here, you can see I was so cuckoo at one point, I bought a second   scale Dreyfus Hudson, just because, well, because it was there. (Oh brother."

You only have two? Now,how does one only have two of these? That's the cuckoo part...

I mean, the NYC had 10, plus the 5344 J1e eventually dressed like this; then there's the Dreyfuss Empire State version, 2 of them.

Seems to meyou are behind a bit. Get out that credit card.

Well, that certainly identifies you as a good and loyal li'l capitalist, doesn't it. D500. ALL of what you have said here makes sense. And, I do appreciate the information and the pep-talk; yet, I have to chicken-out on the temptation. My stable is full, and it's time to just sit back and enjoy the show, as well as seeing what others have indulged themselves with. But, you are a good man, evident from your sensible and wickedly tempting treatise. AND obviously, you are a fun guy.


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Here's the Marx-Flyer Copper Cannonball.


at the stationleaving town

Have you posted a pictorial on how you built the beaver tail observation car? That is really nice.

I had posted some photos during the build, but the great Photobucket debacle of 2017 has rendered them useless. I basically cut off one end and reattached it at an angle and filled in the gaps with sheet styrene and bondo.




When they were passing out brains, I thought they said trains and I asked for a slow one.


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My passenger service is pretty limited while the layout is being completed.  It is just one Brill-415 pulling a trailer.


The models are a 3rd Rail Gas Electric and a GGD sleeper.






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Very good thread, I love southern engines and trains.  I have recently acquired the Lionel Southern 4-6-2 Pacific, however I'm not real sure I like the matching pass. cars.  Only have the engine.  I would like to run 60' coach and matching cars.  Did SSR ever mix SCL, SAL, and ACL pass. cars?  Anyway, my question,  what pass. units do you folks pull behind Southern Steam.

Thanks for your help


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