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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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I have a friend who is experiencing power delivery problems with his HO Peco frogs.  I see there are different models and am concerned with the close proximity of the rail ends within the frog of some of the Peco models.  My first thought is to toss the Peco turnouts and get something more adapt to wide HO wheel treads.

In that regard, who has a very good, easy to work with, idiot proof HO turnout?  Please have experience with your suggestion. Thank you, Tom T.

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laming posted:

I have Peco's "Streamline" series (US type) with the Electrofrog in code 83. In my experiments, they seem to perform fine. Can you be more specific about the issue?


Maybe the problem is his are not the electro frog version? I believe there are different models. So you're right, we need to know the issue.

I also have the electro frog version and did not have problems. I had two other brands as well on my old layout.

I think I ran some other brands than my standard of using Atlas, just to improve on the looks? I really don't fully remember right now. I remember the Atlas worked well. The Peco seemed to snap and throw strongly which I liked. I also tried Shinora? I believe and they too worked well. I still have most of the stuff down stairs so I can go look. I didn't have any tracking problems thru the switch as long as they threw completely.

 I never used plastic wheels, so maybe that helped here? The standard reply from the HO mag of things to check first is always the wheels are in gauge. So I'm thinking any issues are from gauge, weight of the car, and free swinging of the trucks overall. I always left one truck looser than the other to help tracking.

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