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 I was wondering about the availability and use of Peco brand track in O gauge 2 rail. I bought some of their switches in HO and liked the quality. As I'm searching on another post for concrete ties, I see their track line has options but looks incomplete? Some dealers have a code 200?? (O gauge or G?) in switches but no matching rail.

 I also see code 143, 125, 100 and yet no complete line of each. I see concrete ties for 143, yet where's the rail??  Is there a dealer over here that carries the whole line? If not is there some reason like availability or is it lack of market/competition??

 It seems like O gauge two rail track availability is still sorted and although getting better with new switch makers, it may need a new dealer/distributor?? I'm seeing Atlas 2 rail flex starting to pop up again slowly.

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Joe    Cant help with availability in the USA, but I have used Peco"s code 125 with my right of way hand laid 125 track. Its bull nosed rail as per British rail, when ballested its hard to tell the difference . There code 143 fits with Atlas just fine but the sleepers are further apart than Atlas,and I do believe there are points available for that, just watch because theres Bull Nose rail and the more traditional rail like in the USA . The code 200 is gauge one or G and again comes in the two styles of rail. Its readily available here in Australia.     Stephen     (cTr...Choose the Right)

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