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This is the picture of one of the B units of the Lionel Penn Central ABBA set from the Volume II 2019 catalog. Where did this paint scheme come from?  I’m assuming it came from one of the parent railroads but I’m not familiar with it.....


By the way, I have the mismatched Conrail F7 ABBA set and love it.

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If I recall correctly, Penn Central bought some F7a's from the Rio Grande, expecting to use the Rio Grande units in trade to EMD for newer power.   But the engines turned out to be in better condition than expected, so PC slapped some worms on them and continued to use them rather than trade them in.   I don't know whether Rio Grande B-units were part of the deal.

Yes;  from my notes, this photo (by John Stroup) was taken at Calumet City IL on an Eastbound freight April 2, 1970, likely the first and last time this set worked together under PC ownership!  It's from a group of slides I assisted in selling for a collector a few years ago. With permission, I had a group of them professionally scanned for my collection before they sold. Beautiful shot of a rare moment on the PC!

@RockyGN posted:

From the website on D&RGW Diesel Locomotive Roster, under EMD F7B, may be the one:

5712 Jun 19521653322 Feb 1970Sold to Penn Central, 28 February 1970; in service as PC 712; renumbered to PC 3479; renumbered to Conrail 3873; retired on 24 May 1978; traded by CR to EMD.

Well, I am proud of Lionel for offering such an unexpected variation. Were I doing the NE in the correct era I would be all over it - along with the DRGW F's with the "PC" logos on them, if made available (easy decal job, though).

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