Pennsylvania RR S1 Duplex Saved from the scrapper

I wish it were true about the real locomotive.  But this Lionel version was saved from the scrap bin almost 15 years ago. A colleague saw in a heap of donor parts and for 150 bucks it was mine with the box. Fast forward to today and 150 in parts ( from the Lionel  50 percent off sale last November ). I was able to resurrect a true classic! 

I was still not able to find a S1 engine drawbar. The Allegheny one will have to do for now, until I can lengthen it in the near future to negotiate O72 curves.

I'm just happy every thing works.










TCA Number 16-71884


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Very satisfying experience to do what you did. And one of my favorite (real and model) locos - possibly the most striking steamer ever built - and this is from a NYC guy. Great job.

I've gotten 3 nice locos cheap because they needed work (each for around $200, strangely):

$200 for a NIB damaged (dropped from a truck, but in the box) Legacy 2-6-6-2 - ran fine; fixed the broken details.

$200 for a mint damaged ROW brass 2-8-8-0; broken valve gear and boiler mount.

$200 or so (I forget) for an unpainted (the superstructure) and unassembled MTH Premier Dreyfuss Hudson, in the box, with no PS2 boards but all details, wiring, motor and P'coupler - but very few screws! Had enough screws between me and Ace Hardware; put in an ERR Cruise Commander (no sound) and now I have sort of an MTH Engineering/Pilot Dreyfuss with TMCC. I sealed the unpainted boiler/tender castings with Glosscote after I finished it, which actually yielded a satin finish.


One of my favorite big steamers. I haven’t run mine (6-38024) in awhile - it is in a display case in my living room, but it ran beautifully on O-72 Fastrack. The space between the cab and the tender is a hair under an inch and a half (actual measurement is 1 & 7/16ths”).



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