Personalized "Lionel-LIKE" Enamel Paint on Metal Signs

Quick Q, friends . . . .   Remembering that I've seen someone in the orange hall that creates personalized Model Railroad Room Signs, in traditional LIONEL colors.  Example, "Dad's Train Room", or "Tim's 5M-RR Train Room" . . .   again - a painted enamel in the Orange, Blue, and White, Lionel colors.   Anyone have any idea of who this might be, and how to get ahold of them??   Many Thx in advance . . . .   TIMMMMERRRrrrrr

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The gentleman lives very close to York as he did a Lionel color sign for me overnight at his home. This was 3 years ago and I haven’t seen him the past 2 years. Sorry I don’t know his name or his info.F443658A-6363-4DF1-8210-066573A182C7

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