I have a Postwar American Flyer 7210 Searchlight car that needs to be rewired. What is left of the original wire is so shredded that I cannot tell how it was originally connected. I looked in my service manual reprint and did not find anything on this or any other searchlight car

Can anybody give me any tips on how to rewire this item?
It looks like I may have to remove the truck that is underneath the searchlight.
Can anybody confirm this?
If so, can anybody give me the part number for a replacement shouldered rivet?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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Charlies, I have done one of these spotlight cars and yes you will need to remove the truck, The wire is soldered to the copper strip on above the truck, my recommendation would be to replace the wire with some new super flex wire. If you carefully drill out or grind the flare of the rivet where it comes through the truck you will be able to drill and tap for a small screw into the rivet and the car from the top will still look original.


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