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I have a premier engine 20-2802-1 PS2 that has a hard time going up a grade and also stalls at under 5 mph.

Turned it upside down, put it in a cradle and tested.  The front wheels do not start moving until about 7 mph (back wheels move at 1 or 2 mph).  Also, if I gently put a finger on the front wheels, they slow easily or stop.  So do I need to replace something?  What is the part that drives the wheels?

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only one truck on a regular MTH diesel has a tachometer. So the part about it being different or easily stoppable is normal. It does sound bad that it doesn't start until 7!

You would remove the shell and check that truck for binding by turning the flywheel by hand several complete revolutions.

Look for a thrown tire or junk stuck in the side gears first.

Also, check the screw that holds the motor to its mount. I've seen that get loose and the motor gearing will slip.

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Actually, it's not all that odd that there is a few scale MPH before the uncontrolled truck starts.  Joe nailed it, just check to make sure there's no binding when you spin the flywheel.  Make sure you spin the flywheel manually through at least one full rev of the drive wheels, typically around 16 turns.  If nothing shows up, it's probably normal.


I will check your suggestions when I get a chance.  Thanks!

I tested another PS2 diesel.  A longer frame, but I'm not sure that even matters.  Both sets of wheels start turning at 1 mph.  On the problem engine, it's a GP-9 and when it senses a change in track power, the sound changes with a corresponding slower or faster movement.  It happens in a couple of spots on the layout where I see a slight difference in voltage (maybe 2/10 to 4/10 volt).  I insulate the layout into blocks then have feeder going from TIU to each section (as many on the forum have suggested in the past).  It's more sensitive to slight power changes.  On another engine, there is no change over the same part of layout.  Not sure if this sheds any light.

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