I see a 2 car set 1305 in 1925. Were there other sets the green 3020 came in?


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Although the 1925 catalog shows a green 3020 with set 1305, a set with engine, baggage, and coach, the 1925 catalog also shows set 1307 with a red/maroon 3020, baggage, coach, and observation.  However, it is important to note that the catalog does not specify the colors of the set in the text of the catalog, which could indicate that it came in both colors in both sets.

The 1922 through 1924 catalogs show sets 1305 & 1307 with black engines in all cases and no mention of color.  However, the artwork is the same for all of those catalogs. These catalogs also describe set 1306 as being the same as set 1307 but with unlighted cars.

The 1923 and 1924 catalogs describes set 1304 as being the same as set 1305, but engine having 4 wheels only (ie the 3019 engine which does not have pilots) and the cars being unlighted.

There is a 1924 pocket foldout/catalog that shows set 1307 with brown or maroon engine, baggage and 2 coaches (no formal observation car).

It is known that the 3020 came in a variety of colors, with the black 3020 being the earliest version, with no window trim paint.

I believe there is also a black 3020 with red window trim, but I do not have that variation.

At some point the engine colors changed to include

brown c. 1924?

maroon c. 1925?

and green with red window trim c. 1924?  

Note the engine below appears to have a factory replacement frame, as it is a late frame with harpoon couplers.  I have seen a couple of these engines with this type frame and my best guess is that the original engine was dropped, causing the cast iron frame to break.  The item was sent back for repairs and at that time, there were no cast iron frames available because of them being discontinued, so they sent it back with this frame.  

In 1925 the green engine gets a slightly lighter color and yellow window trim

There are also different variations of the 3019 engine

I believe there is a black 3019, which I do not have, and if so I would guess it is from 1923.

The earlier version with green body and red window frames, c. 1924?

And a later version with lighter green body and yellow window frames, c. 1925?

I cannot say much about the 3019 above, other than it is unusual, as it comes with a 3020 frame.  This item came to me with its individual box and is in near mint condition.  I suspect it is some sort of factory error or a left-over cab after they stopped making the 3019 engines.





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