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  Im glad you dug it up. I had lost track of it and kept meaning to myself. It is a very memerable layout.

On the fence about the fence still? Lol.

   I like it full length, but think a break in the center, maybe ⅓ of total frontage, and centered in front of the controls would work too. Serving to tie the layout to the controls more via the open space and unbroken grey.

  Applying my own visual tendacies, my eye catches the factory and sky, quickly workied its way down to the tunnel in the right and then closer following the track till it hits the controls, back up to the left horison and then working around the layout counterclockwise for capturing more detail.

  Adding any ornateness at the controls is right where you wanted folks to slow down more for better look as they scan up again anyhow. Done sparsely I think it would accent to slow you with, not distract.  But I also see controls as something interesting to integrate into or "frame" the field of vision rather than a distraction. 

I also see the fence as a containment of other side,.over a barrier to entry or vision. The break would add a definate entry; the controls field.

The depot front and center might have changed all that, hard to see in the night thumbnails and I haven't watched them run yet, my connection is lagging too hard today.

No matter, I don't think you could make this look bad, like Moonman, I just like piddling with the ideas some creative layouts stir up; thanks for using the big spoon.

Just read through this thread for the first time. Being a Standard Gauge junkie I really enjoyed it.  I like your overall idea and concept plus original  Standard gauge, it is basically what I would want if I had the space. I have old photos of our Xmas "platform" with the Standard gauge train and a very nice homemade wooden fence.  It was in sections with a thick post between sections. Originally there was light in each post. I like your fence. To me, the layout should be basically all about the trains.

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