Tried looking for a cross over list on the forum for Prewar paint colors to Rust-Oleum/Krylon rattle cans and can not find.

If you have any examples please reply.

I know that there are folks that make paint, just do not know how it will act to other paint manufacture primers thus trying to avoid a "Crustoleum paint Job" (paint that wrinkles up after it has been sprayed), plus it cost less and can be replenished quickly.

Examples that I have found:


Terra-Cotta        Rust-Oleum color: Cinnamon Satin needs clear gloss overcoat

Maroon          Rust-Oleum color: Burgundy Gloss.

Black          Rust-Oleum/Krylon: Black Gloss.

Peacock            Rust-Oleum/Krylon: ?

Moaive             Rust-Oleum/Krylon: ?


Has anyone evr used the "DUPICOLOR" rattle can "Gun metal" color?


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I don't think you will find a suitable match for Peacock or Mojave in rattle can paint.  Add Pea Green to that list as well.  Most of the prewar colors have no real rattle can match. If you are looking for accuracy the only real way to get it is by using the reproduction colors by Hennings or Teabolt.  Here are a few more for the list:
Ivory:  Krylon Enamel, Antique White
Cream:  Rustoleum Enamel, Warm Yellow "Painter's Touch Line"
Gateman Green:  Tru-Blue Hardware, Tru-Test Enamel, Clover Green

I don't think the Tru-Test Enamel is available anymore.


years ago, one of the mags did a chart on Prewar paint and modern paints. I THINK it was either Walt Hulsweder or Dr Tinker. 

Someone on here recommended Rust-oleum Metallic Charcoal 244228 for Gunmetal. I used it on the home made tender for my 225E, and it looks pretty close to me.









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I have taken my original list of 4 colors and added the other suggested colors.




These I have tried and got results that give the right feel for the original colors.


Light Yellow= Rust-oleum 249091 Ultra Cover Gloss Warm Yellow

Lt Green=  Krylon 51515 Gloss Ivey Leaf, May need a clear coat

Red= Rust-oleum 249124 Ultra Cover Gloss Apple Red

Maroon=  Rust-oleum 7768830 Burgundy Gloss

Black= Most any gloss black will work. Rust-oleum will give a better shine than Krylon


These are recommendations from others I have not tried.


Gun Metal= Rust-oleum 244228 Metallic Charcoal

Terra-Cotta= Rust-oleum 249084 Cinnamon Satin, May need clear coat



I did not find product numbers for these


Ivory:  Krylon Enamel, Antique White
Gateman Green:  Tru-Blue Hardware, Tru-Test Enamel, Clover Green


Need a good equivelent for these

Peacock            Rust-Oleum/Krylon: ?

Mojave             Rust-Oleum/Krylon: ?

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Thank you Steve. Scott and Dave for your input. I'm on Vacation in California and brought my laptop, so I'm adding your info into a spread sheet.

This spread sheet will be a on going document as paint manufacture and colors can and additional input will come up. I will post the spread sheet in a week or so. If anyone else has a suggestion please post it. I will also post Olsen's and Henning's address for those who would like to purchase there paint or to look at their color chart.



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Attached is a Excel spread sheet of on the colors that I received from the forum members. If you have any other colors to add please post this information so that I can update the list.

Hopefully this list will grow.

I know that there are Lionel parts vendors that do carry the prewar paint.

This list is to make it easier to pick up a can at hardware store to complete a project.


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I painted the engine block in my Willys a few years ago with this paint called "Duplicolor Cast Coat Iron" matches "Lionel Gunmetal" almost perfectly. If I didn't paint my 259 black I'd compare it to the block.

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Looking for a Rustoleum or Krylon match for the madison cars from the legends of Lionel series released a few years ago ( like the one pictured). Is this Tuscan-brown, tuscan-red, plain tuscan? 20190614_232105

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 I have repainted many locomotives and cars in my collection and a few for friends. I have a very cooperative auto supply source in my hometown and I can take the color I am trying to duplicate and they will scan it with their machine and make me a spray can of professional spray paint. The ease of application and the quality of the finished job far exceeds any of the across the counter shake and rattle cans. Yes, it’s a little more expensive however leftover paint lasts a long time.  I have some cans that are seven years old and still very usable.

My theory is that the ease and quality of the job is worth the extra money for the paint.




I just used Ace Rust Stop Gloss John Deere Green, item number 17136 for the roof of a Dorfan 610 Derrick car. I assume it would work for other Dorfan cars as well. It goes on in a fine spray and dries quickly and very hard.

I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X UltraCover Gloss Real Orange, item # 249095 for Lionel Orange for use on prewar accessories.

For a Lionel 2814r cream / blue car I used:

  • Krylon Dual Superbond Ivory - Gloss, item # 8809, and
  • Rustoleum Protective Enamel Gloss Royal Blue, item # 7727 (This is a 32 oz non-spray can. I used an airbrush with this.)


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